There are various ways of restoring things to their original magnificent condition. We have chosen to apply those ones providing the best and most durable effects.

Before and after restoration

Our work combines craft treatment and the traditional copper-nickel-chrome galvanic process, ensuring perfect appearance, proper mechanical protection as well as corrosion protection of the elements being restored. Due to our experience and precision, we are able to restore the original glow of elements dating back to the times our grandfathers can remember, at most. Each month we work on hundreds of decorative elements dating back to the craziest times of the automotive industry – from the 20s to 70s, when the status was marked by the traditionally seen beauty of the precious metal.

We do treatment of elements of all kinds of metals. We restore both large elements, such as bumpers, grills, or wheels rims, and also smaller elements such as door handles, strips, hubcaps, and mirrors. Making replicas of unrestorable elements is our speciality. We often undertake to repair some parts and elements that had been destroyed or poorly made by other shops.

At the customer request, we can import parts, cars, and motorcycles from the USA. We have our branch there so we can always offer competitive prices.